Reproductive Health

Well body care

We view well-person care as a valuable tool for checking in on a clients overall well-being. We use a comprehensive approach in our appointments and apply our skills and expertise in nutrition, herbal and lifestyle recommendations alongside physical assessment, screening tools,  and lab work that may be of benefit. What health challenges would you like to address? What are your health goals? Could lab work or screening provide insight into a particular health challenge? How are relationships, emotional and life stressors influencing your well-being?

What you can expect from our care

  • Hour long appointments in a comfortable environment
  • Thorough review of your history
  • Gentle physical exam
  • Individualized care
  • Cooperative relationship based on trust, respect, and honoring your unique constitution
  • Philosophy which sees you as an equal partner in your care with respect for your choices
  • Emphasis on education to assist you in making informed healthcare decisions
Service Fee
Well Body exam Free; client is responsible for lab fee
Pap smear Free; client is responsible for lab fee
Breast exam Free
Fertility awareness education Free
Family planning counseling Free
Nutritional counseling Free

Well Body Exam

A Well Body exam encompasses all the aspects of a general physical exam. An annual check-up, like Well Body, can detect underlying health issues before they become emergencies. These exams are performed by knowledgable midwifery students, supervised by a credentialed midwife.

Pap Smear

The Pap test, which screening for cervical cancer, is one of the most reliable and effective cancer screening tests available and is recommended for clients between the ages 21 to 65 years old. Routine screening for sexually transmitted infections and gynecological infections protects reproductive health. The Birth House provides Pap smears at no cost, except for lab fees. Lab fees are covered by MaineCare, NH Medicaid and most private health insurance plans.

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines (The American Cancer Society recommends the following)

  • Begin cervical cancer screening at age 21
  • Women ages 21-29
    • Pap test every 3 years
    • no routine HPV testing (may be used as a part of follow up screening for abnormal Pap test result)
  • Women ages 30-65
    • Pap test combined with HPV test every 5 years
    • or Pap test alone every 3 years
  • Women ages 65 and over
    • Only continue screening if risk factors are present

Breast Exam

Regular breast exams help detect breast cancer early on. These exams are performed by knowledgable midwifery students, supervised by a credentialed midwife.

Fertility Awareness Education

Fertility awareness education, including information about the rhythm and other birth control methods, helps women take charge of their fertility. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or trying not to, fertility awareness education is a helpful tool for understanding your body’s rhythm and cycles.

Family Planning Counseling

Alongside fertility awareness education, student midwives at the Birth House provide free family planning counseling. Discuss your birth control and reproductive health options frankly and openly with one of our knowledgable, understanding student midwives.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is a critical aspect of reproductive and daily health. A consultation with Birth House student midwives will help you evaluate and improve your diet.