Doula Services

Co-care: Prenatal & Postpartum Care

The Birth House provides independent, supplementary prenatal and postpartum care for pregnant women who plan to give birth in the hospital. Each hour-long appointment includes routine assessments, nutritional counseling, prenatal education, natural remedies for common pregnancy concerns, and compassionate counseling for the preparation for birth, breastfeeding, and parenting.

Birth Doula

A birth doula – someone trained to provide emotional, mental, and physical support for women in labor – reduces, statistically, the number of birth interventions. A woman who used a birth doula is also more likely to have a positive birth experience. The Birth House birth doulas are student midwives who have completed a certification workshop. Each pregnant woman is assigned one doula to support her consistently throughout pregnancy and birth.

Postpartum Birth Doula

A postpartum doula provides emotional support and assistance for new mothers. A postpartum doula can lessen the burden of household chores and meal preparation in the period directly after birth. Postpartum doulas also provide education regarding newborn care and provide breastfeeding support.

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