Childbirth Education


Childbirth Education Series

May 10 6-8pm; May 17 6-8pm, May 24 6-8pm, May 31 6-8pm

Our childbirth education classes are designed to provide you with the skills, resources, and tools along with class discussion to support you as you navigate labor, birth, and the postpartum period. Education provided during this series is based on the belief that pregnancy and birth are normal, healthy aspects of life. This class is interactive and dynamic in structure with the goal of helping you build confidence in your bodies innate ability to give birth. We strive to provide you with  an understanding of the of natural (physiologic) process of labor and birth, and offer you tools to use during labor to best support this process. While our 4 part series is designed for those giving birth in the out-of-hospital setting, all are welcome!

The cost is $100 per couple for this 4 class series.

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Liz and Keith “Belly Mapping”