Birth Stories


From my first initial inquiry phone call to my final postnatal appointment, the level of care from my midwifery team was truly exceptional. The quality of holistic care, as well as the unwavering confidence in my body’s ability to give birth, was imperative to my VBAC success. I will be forever grateful for my midwife team for facilitating my daughter’s birth–a birth that was as empowering as it was redemptive. I would recommend The Birth House to all prospective mothers without reservation, but especially to women seeking a VBAC. When others ask me who delivered my baby, I unequivocally respond, “I did!” Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Lindsey Hopkins


I honestly had a wonderful pregnancy. I really cannot complain about a thing. The weeks and months flew by and I tried to keep busy and enjoy each phase as it came and went. It wasn’t until the final few weeks that I started to feel restless and a bit uncomfortable. Throughout my pregnancy The Birth House provided such an awesome level of compassionate support. Each appointment never really felt like a medical check up but rather more like a chat with incredibly knowledgeable girlfriends. Each meeting was always about more then myself and my babies physical well being. It was about the mental component as well.  How was I feeling about everything and all the changes happening? How was my partner doing? What was I doing things to keep myself happy and my soul nourished? They always offered suggestions of ways to keep my mind and body ready for the big day. – Cory Wemyss